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Strategic Management Case Study Module 7 - 1115 Words

Strategic Management Module 7 Case Study Daryl L. Young Thomas Edison State College Strategic Management Module 7 Case Study Housing Bubble and Its Burst Case Study Question 1: Explain the cause of the housing bubble and its burst in the mid-2000s. To what extent is this problem the result of ethical failure? Housing Bubble No single cause can fully explain the crisis but, in my opinion, the two major bases were legislation that promoted homeownership and subprime mortgages. To fully understand the environment that spawned the housing bubble, we’ll have to travel back to the 1930s, when the country was in the midst of the Great Depression. During this time frame, homeownership represented only about 40 percent of the U.S.†¦show more content†¦5). Countrywides’ Role Case Study Question 2: Evaluate Countrywide’s role in the subprime mortgage debacle. Was the company’s conduct unethical or illegal? Countrywide’s Role From 2005 to 2007, Countrywide was the leading subprime lender in the country issuing $97.2 billion in subprime mortgages (Bloomberg Business Week, 2009) but only led in market share by 2 percent. The bottom 16 subprime mortgage-issuing firms accounted for $363.5 billion in mortgages (reference chart 1). Countrywide was responsible for 10 percent of a $1 trillion problem. Conduct Unethical or Illegal Countrywide practices were illegal. Countrywide was charged with predatory lending practices (Thompson et al., 2012) and later reached a multi-state settlement for $8.68 billion (Huffman, 2008). â€Å" Countrywide’s lending practices turned the American dream into a nightmare fore tens of thousands of families by putting them into loans they couldn’t understand and ultimately couldn’t afford,† said Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr., a co-leader of the negotiations for the states (Huffman, 2008). Countrywide settlement became the largest predatory lending settlement in history, dwarfing the nationwide $484 million settlement (Huffman, 2008). Case Study Question 3: Using this case as an example, who benefits and who gets hurt when a company engages in unethical or sociallyShow MoreRelatedIssues in Global Business1296 Words   |  6 PagesModule Title Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts       Module Code 6IM 501      Module Level 6 Credit value 40      Total Number 400 of Learning Hours Key Words Implementation of Global strategy, strategy and the organisation, strategic development, globalisation, international business and the environment, internationalisation.      Module Description There has been a fundamental shiftRead MoreSystem Analysis and Design1287 Words   |  6 PagesSystem Analysis and Design Syllabus SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Module 1: Data and Information (3) Types of information: operational, tactical, strategic and statutory – why do we need information systems – management structure – requirements of information at different levels of management – functional allocation of management – requirements of information for various functions – qualities of information – small case study. Module 2: Systems Analysis and Design Life Cycle (3) Requirements determinationRead MoreThe Importance of Financial Reporting980 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Financial reporting being my last module in this course has been quiet rewarding and beneficial as it provides comprehensive guidance for the acquisition of requisite knowledge and skill to appraise my current role as an accountant. The theories, concepts and ideas introduces new areas otherwise would not have been exposed to, for example, potential uses and limitations of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). It laid solid foundation for the application of financial accountingRead MoreStrategic Management and Harvard Business Review2940 Words   |  12 PagesStrategic Management and Leadership SM0374 Your Undergraduate Programme Learning Goals At the end of your programme of study you will be: 1. Knowledgeable about the theory and practice of international business management 2. Skilful in the use of professional and managerial techniques and processes 3. Aware of ethical issues impacting on business and professional practice 4. Employable as graduates All of the learning that takes place within modules is designed to enable youRead MoreEducation Management Information System ( Emis )1610 Words   |  7 PagesII. LITERATURE REVIEW A. Education Management Information System (EMIS) EMIS is a Web based enterprise solution in the management information system domain for the Sri Lankan school teachers and administrative officers at different levels of operation, such as School, Division, Zone, Province and National. This system is designed to maximize the productivity of users by providing tools to assist in automating the management of information associated with all the key process aspects of Sri LankanRead MoreEssay about Reflective Diary1124 Words   |  5 Pagesexperiences, that I have experienced during the 7 months that I have been studying the Work based live case study module (2509) and how these experiences have impacted upon my approach towards my communication, team working, problem solving skills and other factors which were endemic within the module. After completing the first year module New enterprise journey, which is the module prior to Work based live case study. I expected the work based live case study to be similar. However I found out this asRead MoreValuing Project Achieve1744 Words   |  7 Pages(Subject to minor changes) Spring 2012 Prof. Anna Scherbina UC Davis Graduate School of Management Office: 3212 Gallagher Hall Course Focus Tel: 530.754.8076 e-mail: We will learn how to use financial information to value firms, projects, and securities in a wide variety of industries, including real estate. The course will be based entirely on the Harvard Business School case studies and will focus on learning techniques of financial analysis, selecting an appropriateRead MoreEssay on Reflective Diary1191 Words   |  5 Pagesthe 7 months that I have been studying the Work based live case study module (2509) and how these experiences have impacted upon my approach towards my communication, team working, problem solving skills and other factors which were endemic within the module. After completing the first year module New enterprise journey, which is the module prior to Work based live case study. I expected the work based live case study to beRead MoreManaging Strategy6237 Words   |  25 Pages Contents Financial Management and Analysis 3 Module Description 4 Learning Outcomes 3 Indicative Content 3 Indicative Reading List 4 Sample Questions 6-12 Strategic Information Management 14 Module Description 14 Learning Outcomes 14 Indicative Content 14 Indicative Reading List 15 Sample Questions 16-17 Business Research Methodologies 18 Module Description 18 LearningRead MorePersonal Development as Strategic Manager18363 Words   |  74 PagesBTEC Edexcel Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership COURSE HANDBOOK October 2011 Intake TERM 1 CONTENTS EDSML 1. EDSML Course Structure ........................................................................................................................ 2 2. EDSML Regulations ................................................................................................................................ 2 3. Assessment Schedule .............................

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Systematic Theology - 3581 Words

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST SEMINARY RESEARCH PAPER ON THE THEOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF ONE OF THE NAMES OF GOD: YAHWEH SHAMMAH SUBMITTED TO DR. DENNIS MCDONALD IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE COURSE, THEO 525, SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction ....................................................................................................................3 Defining the Name â€Å"Yahweh† .......................................................................................4 Defining the Name â€Å"Yahweh Shammah†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦...5 Biblical amp; Historical Context†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..........................................6 The Connection of†¦show more content†¦Defining the Name â€Å"Yahweh shammah† One of the names of God in the Old Testament is Yahweh Shammah or Jehovah Shammah, which simply means in the Hebrew language, the Lord is there. In biblical times, names were very important. They usually described the character of the person who obtained the name. Jehovah Shammah is first found in the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament. The name was used to describe the city of Jerusalem in Ezekiel 48:35. It says, â€Å"The city shall be 18,000 cubits round about; and the name of the city from that day shall be, ‘The Lord is there.’† When God named this city Yahweh Shammah he was basically saying that He is the God that is with them; He is the God that will be around them and surround them. It was a time when His people needed encouragement and a moment where their faith needed to be restored. It was a declaration of hope and brought exposure to God who would never desert them. The name Yahweh Shammah represents an incredible blessing. â€Å"It is esteemed by t he prophet to be the highest blessing that could come upon a city that its name should be, ‘JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH, The Lord is there.’ Even Jerusalem, in its best estate, would have this for its crowning blessing: nothing could exceed this.† Biblical amp;Show MoreRelatedJohn Tillich : Systematic Theology945 Words   |  4 PagesIn Paul Tillich, Systematic Theology, he tries to offer a distinctive meaning of the term God. Tillich use a phenomenological description of the meaning of God that provides â€Å"Gods are beings who transcend the realm of ordinary experience in power and meaning, with whom men have relations which surpass ordinary relations in intensity and significance† Tillich’s first point that the answer to the question implied in man’s finitude is God which concerns man ultimately. It means that whatever concernsRead MoreThe Doctrine Of Angelology1169 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The study of the doctrine of Angelology, is a term used in Christian systematic theology. â€Å"The Hebrew word malak simply means â€Å"messenger†; it may refer to a human messenger (1 Kings 19:2) or a divine messenger (Gen. 28:12). The basic meaning of the word is ‘one who is sent.’† Wayne Grudem defines angels as, â€Å"Angels are created, spiritual beings with moral judgement and high intelligence, but without physical bodies.† Holy angels are messengers from God, while Satan â€Å"the god of thisRead More what is theology Essay995 Words   |  4 Pages What is theology? What does it explain if anything? According to the encyclopedia, it is related to the Greek Religion. In Christianity, the systematic study of the nature of God and Gods relationship with humanity and with the world. Although other religions may be said to have theologies, this is a matter of controversy within, for instance, Judaism , which holds that God is unknowable. T his article will therefore confine itself to Christian theology. The development of theology in ChristendomRead MoreThe Doctrine Of Salvation And Grace1327 Words   |  6 Pagesthesis is to provide an understanding of the meaning of Soteriology and the relation to the Doctrine of Salvation and Grace (Free Grace). Soteriology is â€Å"the study of the doctrine of salvation.† Basically, the teaching of Soteriology is part of Systematic Theology. This paper will approach each aspect of God Divine decrees, from a biblical standpoint and His plan of salvation. The working of God’s plan includes three periods in time: †¢ Eternity Past †¢ Earth’s History †¢ Eternity Future (Citing:Read MoreWhy We Must Study Theologies Sometimes Mess Up Your Brain?760 Words   |  4 PagesHave I told you that studying theologies sometimes mess up your brain? There are lots of theologians who are studying different things, especially in the area that we call â€Å"systematic theology.† Some of the systematic theology studying is related with Bible, studying every verse by verse, and mark up each verses like, this is what Jesus said, this is what disciples understood not directly from Jesus, this one is very similar with some other religions’ ancient praises. Also, when I got in the MethodistRead MoreTheologians : Sallie Mc Fague And Thomas Torrance1266 Words   |  6 Pagesone mythological, Thomas F. Torrance and Sallie McFague. At the heart of all of Torrance’s theology is the truth of the Trinity. It is foundational to all of his work. For him, the ultimate purpose of theology is knowing God in a personal way that involves both head and heart. He felt we must be faithful to Scripture’s logic. (Torrance, 2008). Torrance was also interested in the interface between theology and science. He considered his method â€Å"depth exegesis, and† attempted to avoid dualism, believingRead MoreWhat Is Theology Essay1008 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is theology? What does it explain if anything? According to the encyclopedia, it is related to the Greek Religion. In Christianity, the systematic study of the nature of God and Gods relationship with humanity and with the world. Although other religions may be said to have theologies, this is a matter of controversy within, for instance, Judaism , which holds that God is unknowable. This article will therefore confine itself to Christian theology. The development of theology in ChristendomRead MoreIs Anselm s Perfect Being Theology?1153 Words   |  5 Pages In her book Perfect Being Theology, Katherin A. Rogers wrote, â€Å"None of us can comprehend the intrinsic being of God.† A truer word might never have been spoken with such brevity. Yet, theologians and philosophers find themselves contemplating not only the existence of God, but also what constitutes God as â€Å"God†. During such conversations, God is conceived as a perfect being (or the best possible being). God as the perfect being dates to pre-Socratic philosophy, and the idea became permanentlyRead MoreJohn Wesley s Sermons And The Theologies That He Holds1323 Words   |  6 Pagesthat was designed to speak about John Wesley’s sermons and the theologies that he holds. â€Å"Wesley’s convictions about revelation appear to be more in line with early Greek perspectives than with later Western theology. They usually assumed that there was a continuing (weakened) influence of the grace of creation even after the Fall† (pg. 28-29). In our group discussion, we talked about this book emphasizing John Wesley’s practical theology and how it applies to life. John Wesley is not a spectatingRead MoreNatural Knowledge Of God And The Function Of Systematics1553 Words   |  7 Pages 4. Natural Knowledge of God in Method in Theology Lonergan’s treatment of natural knowledge of God in Method in Theology, published in 1972, mainly unfolds in the sections entitled â€Å"The Question of God† and â€Å"The Function of Systematics.† The section, â€Å"The Question of God† rests in â€Å"Religion,† chapter four of Method in Theology. In this section, Lonergan seeks only to defend this claim: â€Å"The question of God †¦ lies within man’s horizon.† Consequently, his approach resembles the first half of the

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The Twilight Saga 4 Breaking Dawn 24. Surprise Free Essays

string(113) " nestled into a small clearing in the forest, was a tiny stone cottage, lavender gray in the light of the stars\." â€Å"No. No way!† I shook my head fiercely and then shot a glance at the smug smile on my seventeen-year-old husband’s face. â€Å"No, this doesn’t count. We will write a custom essay sample on The Twilight Saga 4: Breaking Dawn 24. Surprise or any similar topic only for you Order Now I stopped aging three days ago. I am eighteen forever.† â€Å"Whatever,† Alice said, dismissing my protest with a quick shrug. â€Å"We’re celebrating anyway, so suck it up.† I sighed. There was rarely a point to arguing with Alice. Her grin got impossibly wider as she read the acquiescence in my eyes. â€Å"Are you ready to open your present?† Alice sang. â€Å"Presents,† Edward corrected, and he pulled another key – this one longer and silver with a less gaudy blue bow – from his pocket. I struggled to keep from rolling my eyes. I knew immediately what this key was to – the â€Å"after car.† I wondered if I should feel excited. It seemed the vampire conversion hadn’t given me any sudden interest in sports cars. â€Å"Mine first,† Alice said, and then stuck her tongue out, foreseeing his answer. â€Å"Mine is closer.† â€Å"But look at how she’s dressed† Alice’s words were almost a moan. â€Å"It’s been killing me all day. That is clearly the priority.† My eyebrows pulled together as I wondered how a key could get me into new clothes. Had she gotten me a whole trunkful? â€Å"I know – I’ll play you for it,† Alice suggested. â€Å"Rock, paper, scissors.† Jasper chuckled and Edward sighed. â€Å"Why you don’t you just tell me who wins?† Edward said wryly. Alice beamed. â€Å"I do. Excellent.† â€Å"It’s probably better that I wait for morning, anyway.† Edward smiled crookedly at me and then nodded toward Jacob and Seth, who looked like they were crashed for the night; I wonder how long they’d stayed up this time. â€Å"I think it might be more fun if Jacob was awake for the big reveal, don’t you agree? So that someone there is able to express the right level of enthusiasm?† I grinned back. He knew me well. â€Å"Yay,† Alice sang. â€Å"Bella, give Ness – Renesmee to Rosalie.† â€Å"Where does she usually sleep?† Alice shrugged. â€Å"In Rose’s arms. Or Jacob’s. Or Esme’s. You get the picture. She has never been set down in her entire life. She’s going to be the most spoiled half-vampire in existence.† Edward laughed while Rosalie took Renesmee expertly in her arms. â€Å"She is also the most unspoiled half-vampire in existence,† Rosalie said. â€Å"The beauty of being one of a kind.† Rosalie grinned at me, and I was glad to see that the new comradeship between us was still there in her smile. I hadn’t been entirely sure it would last after Renesmee’s life was no longer tied to mine. But maybe we had fought together on the same side long enough that we would always be friends now. I’d finally made the same choice she would have if she’d been in my shoes. That seemed to have washed away her resentment for all my other choices. Alice shoved the beribboned key in my hand, then grabbed my elbow and steered me toward the back door. â€Å"Let’s go, let’s go,† she trilled. â€Å"Is it outside?† â€Å"Sort of,† Alice said, pushing me forward. â€Å"Enjoy your gift,† Rosalie said. â€Å"It’s from all of us. Esme especially.† â€Å"Aren’t you coming, too?† I realized that no one had moved. â€Å"We’ll give you a chance to appreciate it alone,† Rosalie said. â€Å"You can tell us about it†¦ later.† Emmett guffawed. Something about his laugh made me feel like blushing, though I wasn’t sure why. I realized that lots of things about me – like truly hating surprises, and not liking gifts in general much more – had not changed one bit. It was a relief and revelation to discover how much of my essential core traits had come with me into this new body. I hadn’t expected to be myself. I smiled widely. Alice tugged my elbow, and I couldn’t stop smiling as I followed her into the purple night. Only Edward came with us. â€Å"There’s the enthusiasm I’m looking for,† Alice murmured approvingly. Then she dropped my arm, made two lithe bounds, and leaped over the river. â€Å"C’mon, Bella,† she called from the other side. Edward jumped at the same time I did; it was every bit as fun as it had been this afternoon. Maybe a little bit more fun because the night changed everything into new, rich colors. Alice took off with us on her heels, heading due north. It was easier to follow the sound of her feet whispering against the ground and the fresh path of her scent than it was to keep my eyes on her through the thick vegetation. At no sign I could see, she whirled and dashed back to where I paused. â€Å"Don’t attack me,† she warned, and sprang at me. â€Å"What are you doing?† I demanded, squirming as she scrambled onto my back and wrapped her hands around my face. I felt the urge to throw her off, but I controlled it. â€Å"Making sure you can’t see.† â€Å"I could take care of that without the theatrics,† Edward offered. â€Å"You might let her cheat. Take her hand and lead her forward.† â€Å"Alice, I – â€Å" â€Å"Don’t bother, Bella. We’re doing this my way.† I felt Edward’s fingers weave through mine. â€Å"Just a few seconds more, Bella. Then she’ll go annoy someone else.† He pulled me forward. I kept up easily. I wasn’t afraid of hitting a tree; the tree would be the only one getting hurt in that scenario. â€Å"You might be a little more appreciative,† Alice chided him. â€Å"This is as much for you as it is for her.† â€Å"True. Thank you again, Alice.† â€Å"Yeah, yeah. Okay.† Alice’s voice suddenly shot up with excitement. â€Å"Stop there. Turn her just a little to the right. Yes, like that. Okay. Are you ready?† she squeaked. â€Å"I’m ready.† There were new scents here, piquing my interest, increasing my curiosity. Scents that didn’t belong in the deep woods. Honeysuckle. Smoke. Roses. Sawdust? Something metallic, too. The richness of deep earth, dug up and exposed. I leaned toward the mystery. Alice hopped down from my back, releasing her grip on my eyes. I stared into the violet dark. There, nestled into a small clearing in the forest, was a tiny stone cottage, lavender gray in the light of the stars. You read "The Twilight Saga 4: Breaking Dawn 24. Surprise" in category "Essay examples" It belonged here so absolutely that it seemed as if it must have grown from the rock, a natural formation. Honeysuckle climbed up one wall like a lattice, winding all the way up and over the thick wooden shingles. Late summer roses bloomed in a handkerchief-sized garden under the dark, deep-set windows. There was a little path of flat stones, amethyst in the night, that led up to the quaint arched wooden door. I curled my hand around the key I held, shocked. â€Å"What do you think?† Alice’s voice was soft now; it fit with the perfect quiet of the storybook scene. I opened my mouth but said nothing. â€Å"Esme thought we might like a place of our own for a while, but she didn’t want us too far away,† Edward murmured. â€Å"And she loves any excuse to renovate. This little place has been crumbling away out here for at least a hundred years.† I continued staring, mouth gaping like a fish. â€Å"Don’t you like it?† Alice’s face fell. â€Å"I mean, I’m sure we could fix it up differently, if you want. Emmett was all for adding a few thousand square feet, a second story, columns, and a tower, but Esme thought you would like it best the way it was meant to look.† Her voice started to climb, to go faster. â€Å"If she was wrong, we can get back to work. It won’t take long to – â€Å" â€Å"Shh!† I managed. She pressed her lips together and waited. It took me a few seconds to recover. â€Å"You’re giving me a house for my birthday?† I whispered. â€Å"Us,† Edward corrected. â€Å"And it’s no more than a cottage. I think the word house implies more legroom.† â€Å"No knocking my house,† I whispered to him. Alice beamed. â€Å"You like it.† I shook my head. â€Å"Love it?† I nodded. â€Å"I can’t wait totell Esme!† â€Å"Why didn’t she come?† Alice’s smile faded a little, twisted just off what it hadbeen, like my question was hard to answer. â€Å"Oh, you know†¦ they all remember how you are about presents. They didn’t want to put you under too much pressure to like it.† â€Å"But of course I love it. How could I not?† â€Å"They’ll like that.† She patted my arm. â€Å"Anyhoo, your closet is stocked.Use it wisely. And†¦ I guess that’s everything.† â€Å"Aren’t you going to come inside?† She strolled casually a few feet back. â€Å"Edward knows his way around. I’ll stop by†¦ later. Call me if you can’t match your clothes right.† She threw me a doubtful look and then smiled. â€Å"Jazz wants to hunt. See you.† She shot off into the trees like the most graceful bullet. â€Å"That was weird,† I said when the sound of her flight had vanished completely. â€Å"Am I really that bad? They didn’t have to stay away. Now I feel guilty. I didn’t even thank her right. We should go back,tell Esme – â€Å" â€Å"Bella,don’t besilly. No one thinks you’re that unreasonable.† â€Å"Then what – â€Å" â€Å"Alone time is their other gift. Alice was trying to be subtle about it.† â€Å"Oh.† That was all it took to make the house disappear. We could have been anywhere. I didn’t see the trees or the stones or the stars. It was just Edward. â€Å"Let me show you what they’ve done,† he said, pulling my hand. Was he oblivious to the fact that an electric current was pulsing through my body like adrenaline-spiked blood? Once again I felt oddly off balance, waiting for reactions my body wasn’t capable of anymore. My heart should have been thundering like a steam engine about to hit us. Deafening. My cheeks should have been brilliant red. For that matter, I ought to have been exhausted. This had been the longest day of my life. I laughed out loud – just one quiet little laugh of shock – when I realized that this day would never end. â€Å"Do I get to hear the joke?† â€Å"It’s not a very good one,† I told him as he led the way to the little rounded door. â€Å"I was just thinking – today is the first and last day of forever. It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around it. Even with all this extra room for wrapping.† I laughed again. He chuckled with me. He held his hand out toward the doorknob, waiting for me to do the honors. I stuck the key in the lock and turned it. â€Å"You’re such a natural at this, Bella; I forget how very strange this all must be for you. I wish I could hear it.† He ducked down and yanked me up into his arms so fast that I didn’t see it coming – and that was really something. â€Å"Hey!† â€Å"Thresholds are part of my job description,† he reminded me. â€Å"But I’m curious. Tell me what you’re thinking about right now.† He opened the door – it fell back with a barely audible creak – and stepped through into the little stone living room. â€Å"Everything,† I told him. â€Å"All at the same time, you know. Good things and things to worry about and things that are new. How I keep using too many superlatives in my head. Right now, I’m thinking that Esme is an artist. It’s so perfect!† The cottage room was something from a fairy tale. The floor was a crazy quilt of smooth, flat stones. The low ceiling had long exposed beams that someone as tall as Jacob would surely knock his head on. The walls were warm wood in some places, stone mosaics in others. The beehive fireplace in the corner held the remains of a slow flickering fire. It was driftwood burning there – the low flames were blue and green from the salt. It was furnished in eclectic pieces, not one of them matching another, but harmonious just the same. One chair seemed vaguely medieval, while a low ottoman by the fire was more contemporary and the stocked bookshelf against the far window reminded me of movies set in Italy. Somehow each piece fit together with the others like a big three-dimensional puzzle. There were a few paintings on the walls that I recognized – some of my very favorites from the big house. Priceless originals, no doubt, but they seemed to belong here, too, like all the rest. It was a place where anyone could believe magic existed. A place where you just expected Snow White to walk right in with her apple in hand, or a unicorn to stop and nibble at the rosebushes. Edward had always thought that he belonged to the world of horror stories. Of course, I’d known he was dead wrong. It was obvious that he belonged here. In a fairy tale. And now I was in the story with him. I was about to take advantage of the fact that he hadn’t gotten around to setting me back on my feet and that his wits-scramblingly beautiful face was only inches away when he said, â€Å"We’re lucky Esme thought to add an extra room. No one was planning for Ness – Renesmee.† I frowned at him, my thoughts channeled down a less pleasant path. â€Å"Not you, too,† I complained. â€Å"Sorry, love. I hear it in their thoughts all the time, you know. It’s rubbing off on me.† I sighed. My baby, the sea serpent. Maybe there was no help for it. Well, /wasn’t giving in. Tm sure you’re dying to see the closet. Or, at least I’ll tell Alice that you were, to make her feel good.† â€Å"Should I be afraid?† â€Å"Terrified.† He carried me down a narrow stone hallway with tiny arches in the ceiling, like it was our own miniature castle. â€Å"That will be Renesmee’s room,† he said, nodding to an empty room with a pale wooden floor. â€Å"They didn’t have time to do much with it, what with the angry werewolves___† I laughed quietly, amazed at how quickly everything had turned right when it had all had looked so nightmarish just a week ago. Drat Jacob for making everything perfect this way. â€Å"Here’s our room. Esme tried to bring some of her island back here for us. She guessed that we would get attached.† The bed was huge and white, with clouds of gossamer floating down from the canopy to the floor. The pale wood floor matched the other room, and now I grasped that it was precisely the color of a pristine beach. The walls were that almost-white-blue of a brilliant sunny day, and the back wall had big glass doors that opened into a little hidden garden. Climbing roses and a small round pond, smooth as a mirror and edged with shiny stones. A tiny, calm ocean for us. â€Å"Oh† was all I could say. â€Å"I know,† he whispered. We stood there for a minute, remembering. Though the memories were human and clouded, they took over my mind completely. He smiled a wide, gleaming smile and then laughed. â€Å"The closet is through those double doors. I should warn you – it’s bigger than this room.† I didn’t even glance at the doors. There was nothing else in the world but him again – his arms curled under me, his sweet breath on my face, his lips just inches from mine – and there was nothing that could distract me now, newborn vampire or not. â€Å"We’re going to tell Alice that I ran right to the clothes,† I whispered, twisting my fingers into his hair and pulling my face closer to his. â€Å"We’re going to tell her I spent hours in there playing dress-up. We’re going to lie† He caught up to my mood in an instant, or maybe he’d already been there, and he was just trying to let me fully appreciate my birthday present, like a gentleman. He pulled my face to his with a sudden fierceness, a low moan in his throat. The sound sent the electric current running through my body into a near-frenzy, like I couldn’t get close enough to him fast enough. I heard the fabric tearing under our hands, and I was glad my clothes, at least, were already destroyed. It was too late for his. It felt almost rude to ignore the pretty white bed, but we just weren’t going to make it that far. This second honeymoon wasn’t like our first. Our time on the island had been the epitome of my human life. The very best of it. I’d been so ready to string along my human time, just to hold on to what I had with him for a little while longer. Because the physical part wasn’t going to be the same ever again. I should have guessed, after a day like today, that it would be better. I could really appreciate him now – could properly see every beautiful line of his perfect face, of his long, flawless body with my strong new eyes, every angle and every plane of him. I could taste his pure, vivid scent on my tongue and feel the unbelievable silkiness of his marble skin under my sensitive fingertips. My skin was so sensitive under his hands, too. He was all new, a different person as our bodies tangled gracefully into one on the sand-pale floor. No caution, no restraint. No fear – especially not that. We could love together – both active participants now. Finally equals. Like our kisses before, every touch was more than I was used to. So much of himself he’d been holding back. Necessary at the time, but I couldn’t believe how much I’d been missing. I tried to keep in mind that I was stronger than he was, but it was hard to focus on anything with sensations so intense, pulling my attention to a million different places in my body every second; if I hurt him, he didn’t complain. A very, very small part of my head considered the interesting conundrum presented in this situation. I was never going to get tired, and neither was he. We didn’t have to catch our breath or rest or eat or even use the bathroom; we had no more mundane human needs. He had the most beautiful, perfect body in the world and I had him all to myself, and it didn’t feel like I was ever going to find a point where I would think, Now I’ve had enough for one day. I was always going to want more. And the day was never going to end. So, in such a situation, how did we ever stop? It didn’t bother me at all that I had no answer. I sort of noticed when the sky began to lighten. The tiny ocean outside turned from black to gray, and a lark started to sing somewhere very close by – maybe she had a nest in the roses. â€Å"Do you miss it?† I asked him when her song was done. It wasn’t the first time we’d spoken, but we weren’t exactly keeping up a conversation, either. â€Å"Miss what?† he murmured. â€Å"All of it – the warmth, the soft skin, the tasty smell†¦ I’m not losing anything at all, and I just wondered if it was a little bit sad for you that you were.† He laughed, low and gentle. â€Å"It would be hard to find someone less sad than I am now. Impossible, I’d venture. Not many people get every single thing they want, plus all the things they didn’t think to ask for, in the same day.† â€Å"Are you avoiding the question?† He pressed his hand against my face. â€Å"You are warm,† he told me. It was true, in a sense. To me, his hand was warm. It wasn’t the same as touching Jacob’s flame-hot skin, but it was more comfortable. More natural. Then he pulled his fingers very slowly down my face, lightly tracing from my jaw to my throat and then all the way down to my waist. My eyes rolled back into my head a little. â€Å"You are soft.† His fingers were like satin against my skin, so I could see what he meant. â€Å"And as for the scent, well, I couldn’t say I missed that. Do you remember the scent of those hikers on our hunt?† â€Å"I’ve been trying very hard not to.† â€Å"Imagine kissing that.† My throat ripped into flames like pulling the cord on a hot-air balloon. â€Å"0/7.† â€Å"Precisely. So the answer is no. I am purely full of joy, because I am missing nothing. No one has more than I do now.† I was about to inform him of the one exception to his statement, but my lips were suddenly very busy. When the little pool turned pearl-colored with the sunrise, I thought of another question for him. â€Å"How long does this go on? I mean, Carlisle and Esme, Em and Rose, Alice and Jasper – they don’t spend all day locked in their rooms. They’re out in public, fully clothed, all the time. Does this†¦ craving ever let up?† I twisted myself closer into him – quite an accomplishment, actually – to make it clear what I was talking about. â€Å"That’s difficult to say. Everyone is different and, well, so far you’re the very most different of all. The average young vampire is too obsessed with thirst to notice much else for a while. That doesn’t seem to apply to you. With the average vampire, though, after that first year, other needs make themselves known. Neither thirst nor any other desire really ever fades. It’s simply a matter of learning to balance them, learning to prioritize and manage___† â€Å"How long?† He smiled, wrinkling his nose a little. â€Å"Rosalie and Emmett were the worst. It took a solid decade before I could stand to be within a five-mile radius of them. Even Carlisle and Esme had a difficult time stomaching it. They kicked the happy couple out eventually. Esme built them a house, too. It was grander than this one, but then, Esme knows what Rose likes, and she knows what you like.† â€Å"So, after ten years, then?† I was pretty sure that Rosalie and Emmett had nothing on us, but it might sound cocky if I went higher than a decade. â€Å"Everybody is normal again? Like they are now?† Edward smiled again. â€Å"Well, I’m not sure what you mean by normal. You’ve seen my family going about life in a fairly human way, but you’ve been sleeping nights.† He winked at me. â€Å"There’s a tremendous amount of time left over when you don’t have to sleep. It makes balancing your†¦ interests quite easy. There’s a reason why I’m the best musician in the family, why – besides Carlisle – I’ve read the most books, studied the most sciences, become fluent in the most languages†¦. Emmett would have you believe that I’m such a know-it-all because of the mind reading, but the truth is that I’ve just had a lot of free time.† We laughed together, and the motion of our laughter did interesting things to the way our bodies were connected, effectively ending that conversation. How to cite The Twilight Saga 4: Breaking Dawn 24. Surprise, Essay examples

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Innovation and Sustainable Business Development Business Models

Question: Discuss about theInnovation and Sustainable Business Development for Business Models. Answer: Introduction The three articles on conceptualizing business models as activity based, arrived at significantly different models because of difference in business environments and business activities as modelled by the different organisations. There is no one-fits-all business model that can be universally adopted by all organisations for execution as different companies faces different situations even in the same business environment. For example, one company could be having a superior technology that enables it to produce at lower cost than its peers it could also be that, a different company uses a supplier with very strong network of supply chain but their services are expensive not that all organisations can afford to partner with them and still remain in business. It is therefore possible to come up with significantly different type of business models even when all of them are activity based. (Itami, Nishino, 2010) The concept of business model can therefore be defined as a set of interdependent activities that aims to achieving a common objective of having a product or service delivered to the market for consumption. The business model contains three important players that are; the producer or the focal organisation, the supplier and the consumer each playing different activities in the system. When one is conceptualizing business model as a system there are elements that needs to be considered. One such element is the objective of the focal organization. The objective in this case is what the focal organisation is offering. What type of product or services is it selling or offering? This would then assist the entrepreneur of the focal organisation or its manager to come up with who are going to be the suppliers and the consumers. The activities which these other players will carry out are all guided by the nature of the product or the service on offer. Therefore to come up with business model as a system the key determinant is the focal company objectives then the rest would depend on it. Using business model as an activity based system to solve static problem one needs to consider a case whereby one company is experiencing business challenges in meeting a certain objective. This can be inability to deliver products to the clients because of lack of adequate infrastructure to carry out this function effectively. This company can simply contract another company which can deliver these products on time to the market without delay instead of investing heavily to be able to internally carry out the function. The products can be highly perishable products such as farm flowers. Therefore this static problem is solved by incorporating another firm in to the business system and solves the static of supply. To solve dynamic problem one needs to consider a case where the focal organisation contracts a different firm to produce certain part of their product and still retain the production of the same parts in-house. The focal firm can therefore be able to learn from both in-hous e production and from the contracted outside firm. Any change in consumer behaviour will be easily noted by the focal firm by comparing its findings in its in-house production and external production and make appropriate changes in accordance to the dynamism of the problem. (Itami, Nishino, 2010) To understand how business partner using business model as an activity based we take an example of a focal firm which needs to focus on production and leave another company to focus on distribution and marketing of the product. The two firms will be in one system whereby each of them will be playing distinct activities and the consumers will complete the system by buying the products, thus forming a business model where each player has distinct roles or activities but in one system with one objective of producing and delivering the products to the consumers for purchase. Understanding innovation process using business model as an activity based system will require a consideration of two companies one a research and development company and another an established mechanical engineering company. The research and development company may come up with an innovative idea of friction reducing technology. This technology can significantly reduce the friction of the mechanical equipments being manufactured by the established mechanical engineering company giving them an edge in the market. The established company can contract the research and development company to have this important technology incorporated in its machines and gain advantage in the market. Thus the two companies are now in one business model but each playing distinct activities with one objective of delivering a high efficiency machines to the customers. (Itami, Nishino, 2010) (Kodama, n.d.) Toyota is a car manufacturer based in Japan. To understand the business model of this company we shall consider the article by two professors namely Hiroyuki Itami and Kazumi Nishino in which they titled Killing Two Birds with One Stone. The two professors argue that a business model ought to have two elements, the business system and the profit model. Considering Toyota business model the company procures production of certain car parts from a few selected companies but still produces the same parts internally. What this does is that Toyota is able to learn the new developments as far as production of the parts is concerned. It is also able to draw comparisons with its internal production and make appropriate changes according to the findings the company draws from the two sets of production. This double production is what constitutes the element of business system which make Toyota come up with the sustainable profit model. From the lessons it draws using business system Toyota wil l always respond according to the consumer behaviour and that is why probably, it has been able to coin out this phrase The car in front of you is always a Toyota (Itami, Nishino, 2010) (Cumberlidge, 2007) The article which best explains the concept of business model as an activity based system according to me is Killing Two Birds with One Stone by Professor Hiroyuki Itami and Professor Kazumi Nishino. The reason for this finding is that the article points out that a good business model needs to have two elements, the business system and the profit model where the business system is the main concept of the business not the profit model. I find this to be the best model because as an entrepreneur you need to constantly learn by participating in all aspects of your business not simply procuring them out and forgetting about the new developments which may happen in the market concerning the procured service. In conclusion, future business models should lay emphasis on the business system and not the profit model. There is a temptation to focus more on the profit model because the company is getting monetary gains from this model but in essence it is the business system that makes the profit model breath life. The entrepreneur is able to learn and make adjustments that will make clients continue holding the products of the firm in high regard and thus purchase. If the entrepreneur doesnt study the market and make appropriate response the profit model will become obsolete with time and there will no or less sales as per the profit model. (Quaddus, Woodside, 2015) (Zott, Amit, Massa, n.d.) References Cumberlidge, M. (2007). Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM. Birmingham: Packt Publishing. Itami, H., Nishino, K. (2010). Killing Two Birds with One Stone. Long Range Planning, 43(2- 3), 364-369. Kodama, M. (2007). Knowledge innovation. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Kodama, M. (2010). Boundary management. Heidelberg: Springer. Kodama, M. Collaborative innovation. Quaddus, M., Woodside, A. (2015). Sustaining competitive advantage via business Intelligence, knowledge, management, and system dynamics. Bingley: Emerald. Zott, C., Amit, R., Massa, L. The Business Model: Recent Developments and Future Research. SSRN Electronic Journal.

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Star Appliances Essays - American Brands, Kenmore, Maytag

Star Appliances Mission Statement Company Objectives Company Overview 1. Historical Outline 2. Products and Services 3. Financial Statements SWOT Analysis ? An analysis of company's strengths ? An analysis of company's weaknesses ? An analysis of company's opportunities ? An analysis of company's threats Business Strategy Marketing Mix ? Product ? Pricing ? Place ? Promotion Analysis of Major Competitors in the Field ? Kenmore ? Whirlpool ? Kirby ? Maytag ? GE International Expansion 1. Hungary ? External Environment ? Industry Analysis ? Recommended Entry Mode 2. Japan ? External Environment ? Industry Analysis ? Expansion Strategy for the Future Five Years 4. Canada ? External Environment ? Expansion Strategy for the Future Five Years 5. Mexico ? External Environment ? Industry Analysis ? Expansion Strategy for the Future Five Years Growth Forecasts for Years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Implementation The View Ahead Star Appliances Inc. Mission Statement Quality For over thirty years, Star Appliances Inc. has been helping people to manage their homes. Today, Star Appliances Inc. is one of the major competitors in the household industry and one of the most selling brand in America. Star Appliances Inc. Mission is to: ? Achieve technology excellence in current and future generations of products, processes, and services. ? Develop innovations by creating entirely new business opportunities. ? Help solve critical technical challenges. ? Attract and develop new technical leaders. ? Ensure leadership technology in all departments of Star Appliances. ? Drive corporate initiatives across Star Appliances. ? Expand its market by exploring a global economy Satisfaction All Star Appliances products contain proper warranty information. Each appliance comes with a pledge of Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. Star Appliances offers maintenance agreements and annual check-ups to keep your appliances running right. And should anything ever go wrong with your Star appliance (and we hope it never does), we offer a nationwide network of service technicians to make sure it gets fixed fast and fixed right. Value When you compare feature-for-feature, you'll find that Star Appliances offers more for the money than any other brand. Maybe that's why s leading consumer magazine recently ranked Star's washers, dryers, and vacuums NUMBER ONE in their respective categories. Have questions or need more information about new Star products? Call 1-888-1ST-STAR or speak to a Customer Service Representative For service information or to schedule a service, call 1-800-4MY-STAR. Star Appliances Inc. Company Objectives Integrity Integrity is an uncompromising characteristic for all Star Appliances employees. It is an implicit factor in customer relationships and the cornerstone of all Star Appliances business activities. Along with the company's reputation for innovation, growth and success, we value integrity among the essential and critical elements in our employees. It is the baseline by which we measure everything else and from which we never compromise. Creativity Star's continued success is the result of its employees' creativity. Every day, teams of Star Appliances people push the frontiers, developing new products and services to serve their customers. Focusing on highly specialized financial services segments, our people develop a unique understanding of customer requirements as they apply their collective talents to solving industry challenges. Intellect At Star, we've never separated ideas from actions?both are essential elements of the competitive equation. Developing the most advanced financial product or innovative service is meaningless if you don't move quickly to get it to market and delivered to customers. The people from Star understand the importance of both ideas and action to maintain the company's position as one of the leaders in the market. Quality as a corporate objective: Company-wide Quality, as a corporate objective, means attaining a level of overall performance and attitude that makes Star Appliances the natural choice of customers and earns the respect of all those affected by the Company's activities. Company-wide Quality, as an individual objective, is achieved by employees who aspire to be better than the best. Star Appliances is committed to providing flexibility in the design, calibration, repair, and testing services to customers while maintaining a consistent, optimum level of quality. The services we offer include standard service packages as well as customized service capabilities to accommodate unique customer requirements. Our business-wide commitment to meet the needs of customers is the foundation for the Quality System. Star Appliances is dedicated to maintaining close relationships with our suppliers. The overall objective is to make certain that we exceed our customer's expectations. Company Profile q Historical Outline Star Appliances Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and supports a line of household appliances. The company was started in 1970 and has grown steadily to its current size. Star Appliances has its head

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Simple Décrire Verb Conjugations in French

Simple Dà ©crire Verb Conjugations in French In French, to say to describe, you must use the verb  dà ©crire. Admittedly, conjugating this verb to mean described or will describe is not the easiest thing to do. However, a quick lesson and some dedicated practice will help you memorize this tricky verb. Conjugating the French Verb  Dà ©crire Dà ©crire  is an  irregular verb, so it does not follow one of the common verb conjugation patterns found in French. Yet, all  French verbs ending in  -crire  are conjugated this way. You might consider studying a few at the same time to make learning each just a little easier. Conjugations transform the verb into the present, future, or past tense so the sentence makes sense. This is done by identifying the verb stem - in this case,  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹dà ©cri- - then adding the appropriate infinitive ending for the subject pronoun. For instance, I describe is je dà ©cris and we will describe is nous dà ©crirons. Subject Present Future Imperfect je dà ©cris dà ©crirai dà ©crivais tu dà ©cris dà ©criras dà ©crivais il dà ©cris dà ©crira dà ©crivait nous dà ©crivons dà ©crirons dà ©crivions vous dà ©crivez dà ©crirez dà ©criviez ils dà ©crivent dà ©criront dà ©crivaient The Present Participle of  Dà ©crire When you add -ant  to the verb stem of  dà ©crire, you form the  present participle  dà ©crivant. It is a verb, of course, yet youll also find it used as an adjective, gerund, or noun at times. The Past Participle and Passà © Composà © The  past participle  of  dà ©crire  is  dà ©crit.  Its used in the construction of the  passà © composà ©Ã‚  for the past tense of described. To use it, you must also conjugate the  auxiliary verb  avoir. The passà © composà © comes together quickly once you know these rules. As an example, I described is jai dà ©crit and we described is nous avons dà ©crit. More Simple Dà ©crire  Conjugations Among the other simple verb conjugations of  dà ©crire  that you should know are the subjunctive and conditional. Each implies some degree of uncertainty or dependency in the act of deciding. In literature, youll come across either the passà © simple or imperfect subjunctive forms. While you may not use them yourself, recognizing them as a form of  dà ©crire  will help with comprehension. Subject Subjunctive Conditional Passà © Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je dà ©crive dà ©crirais dà ©crivis dà ©crivisse tu dà ©crives dà ©crirais dà ©crivis dà ©crivisses il dà ©crive dà ©crirait dà ©crivit dà ©crivà ®t nous dà ©crivions dà ©cririons dà ©crivà ®mes dà ©crivissions vous dà ©criviez dà ©cririez dà ©crivà ®tes dà ©crivissiez ils dà ©crivent dà ©criraient dà ©crivirent dà ©crivissent In short, assertive commands and requests, the imperative verb form is used. When using this, keep the sentence short and skip the subject pronoun: dà ©cris rather than tu dà ©cris. Imperative (tu) dà ©cris (nous) dà ©crivons (vous) dà ©crivez

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Business and culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business and culture - Essay Example 3) My group got down to business straight away and just started discussing what the task was. Many of our personalities are geared towards getting things done in a timely manner, so it was good that we were all able to think along the same lines. Of course, this method has its downsides, but I think that we were all able to adapt to the situation at hand and work together towards completing our project. To do this, we set out a list of priorities and deadlines that we would all work towards so that everything was not left until the last minute. I think that this was good because it relived the stress on all of us. We decided that it would be better not to appoint one leader because if that person did not perform adequately, then it would affect the whole group. We came to the conclusion that it would be better if we shared leadership because then we would all be responsible for the success or failure of the group. I did not like this idea at the start because I felt that our group would be like a ship without a rudder, but I was pleasantly surprised that we all contributed equally to the project. As was mentioned above, we shared out responsibility among all the group’s members. To get work done faster, we assigned ourselves different roles that were based on our strengths. There were very few arguments over who should have done what because we all knew our role in the group and did not overstep our boundaries. Communication was surprisingly a strong point for us. At the beginning of the project, we all agreed to swap phone numbers so that we would all be reachable at any time. Also, we used methods such as Facebook and regular email to stay in contact. This was really good because we could remind each other about when we had to complete a task by. Of course, we also communicated face-to-face during class time and also during our breaks during the day. As was mentioned above, we were always reminding each other about what we had to do and when we had